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MP3 BoScoDen - ROCK: Classic Rock

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Rowdy mixture of Love Songs, Politics and Protest in the Classic Rock Tradition that combines influences from Rock, Folk and Jazz.

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ROCK: Classic Rock, FOLK: Traditional Folk

Well first some dude named Bob (the one with the full beard) wrote some songs, then he got a Subaru Forester. Upon bringing his Forester in for some maintenance, he struck up a conversation with Scott (the one that''s not Bob or denis) who also was bringing a Forester in for maintenance. Bob invited Scott to play bass for him and Scott accepted, albeit reluctantly because he was a little frightened by the old dude inviting him into his basement to "jam". Scott brought a knife with him to his practice but Bob was not a psycho murderer so he did not have to use it. As is turns out, Bob''s a pretty cool guy. One day Scott realized that he and Bob had no drummer. Bob was concerned about this as well. "I have an idea!" said Scott. "What''s that?" said Bob. "Well an idea is when you think for a while and then some sort of fact pops into your head." said Scott. "I know a guitarist who could be our drummer!" still said Scott. "Wow, Scott, that sounds like a great idea!" said Bob. (The previous conversation is in no way based on true events. Similarities between the names of the conversing parties and members of this band are purely coincidental) Then Scott asked denis (Scott''s flatmate) to join the band and denis said something along the lines of "Ok." And so BoScoden was born. This bio is not complete however, because we are still looking for members. As soon as we find these members, I will be sure to create an equally fictional acount as to their induction into BoScoden...oh yeah, and we''ll have to change our name too, sos that they don''t feel left out. Fin.

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