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Welcome to our music collection for instant download. All songs you will find here are powered by CDbaby.com and can be downloaded instantly and legally.

All songs are standard MP3 files and play on all industry standard MP3 players like ipods, handhelds, mobile phones with MP3 capability, etc.

Choose from over 1 Million DRM FREE MP3 files, download within seconds!

From Jazz to Rock, from Blues to Gospel, choose your flavour, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you are an independent artist and want to sell your artwork (music, eBooks, podcasts, graphics, web-templates, etc.) you can do so for less than 1 Dollar yourself on tradebit!

For a category search, please use our TAGGING functionality! For example you may find all the Dance and Electro stuff here:

Dance Music Downloads

We also offer additional files around your favorite music: This platform hosts a few hundred desktop wallpapers of your favorite stars. These are all available for your personal use for free.

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